Clen up union rorts and thuggery – House of Representatives

After so many reports of bribery, bullying, intimidation and links to organised crime, it’s an absolute disgrace that Labor continues to operate a protection racket for union thuggery.

It’s no surprise that Labor and The Greens are protecting their union mates from the Coalition’s plan to tackle union rorts and intimidation.

After all, the CFMEU is a powerful donor to the Labor Party and The Greens. 

The CFMEU donated almost $2.3 million dollars to them between 2010 and 2015.

The CFMEUs fundraising tactics are well documented.

Daily headlines throughout the Royal Commission screamed of corruption, secret payments and intimidation.

Labor refuses to clean up union corruption because it relies on donations from their political masters.

The connections between outlaw gangs and the CFMEU are well known – but the Labor Party disgracefully pretends they don’t exist.

In 2014 the MUA and the ETU funded a High Court challenge to Queensland’s bikie laws introduced by the LNP.

In my previous career I’ve seen the devastating effects of drugs, standover tactics, and violence – perpetrated by motorcycle gangs and their associates. 

These gangs disrespect everything we stand for and all political parties and every member in this place should condemn them.

It is an absolute disgrace that the Labor Party continues to support and receive support from organisations that live outside the laws that we here are elected to make.