Request a Flag

Federal Member for Wide Bay Llew O’Brien is pleased to supply Australian, Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander flags to Wide Bay community organisations and individuals.

Please be aware that numbers are strictly limited and eligibility requirements must be met. If the office has exhausted its flag budget for the year, you may be invited to re-apply in the next financial year.


Community organisations and schools may apply for standard or large flags (1370 mm x 685 mm or 1830mm x 915mm).

It is expected that organisations requesting a large flag will display the flag on an exterior flagpole, otherwise standard flags may be provided for display in halls or meeting rooms.

If desired, Mr O’Brien can present the flags in person at your school assembly or group meeting, subject to his availability.


Mr O’Brien can present a limited number of standard flags (1370 mm x 685 mm) to private individuals each financial year.

Individuals must provide a notarised Statutory Declaration confirming that they live in the Wide Bay electorate, have a flag pole, and that they have not received a flag through the Australian Government’s flag program within the past two years.

If you require a different size of flag – such as hand-wavers or desk flags – please telephone Mr O’Brien’s electorate office on (07) 4121 2936 to enquire about availability.

Individuals: I have attached a completed and signed statutory declaration.

All applications may be reviewed by an independent panel.


In the spirit of Australia, I acknowledge all citizens who contribute to making our nation the greatest on earth.

I acknowledge our defence force personnel, past, present, and emerging, for their service to our nation, and particularly those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the defence of Australia.

I also acknowledge the Australian taxpayers who, through their hard work, pay for the infrastructure, health, education, and emergency services that keep our proud nation healthy, safe, and prosperous.