Grants Information

Grants Information

Grants Information

A range of Federal Government grants are available to organisations in the electorate of Wide Bay, covering a wide variety of needs and community interests.

Some popular programs include:

To receive notification when a new grant round opens for Wide Bay groups or individuals, please sign up to my grants advice mailing list.  Or you can use the form below to let me know what your organisation needs, and one of my staff will be in touch to discuss possible funding opportunities.

The GrantConnect website also has a comprehensive list of opportunities, and Is updated regularly. Should further capital or infrastructure funding opportunities become available, information can be found on there.

If you are applying for a grant and would like a Letter of Support, please fill out the form below, giving as much notice as possible to ensure your letter is produced in time.

Referee requests for Community Gambling Benefit Fund grants can also be made below.

If you would like to receive email alerts when new Federal grants are released in Wide Bay, please submit your