Statement on Wide Bay Motor Complex – Federation Chamber

March 19, 2017


Statement on Wide Bay Motor Complex – Federation Chamber

The great city of Maryborough in Wide Bay is known for its serene environment and heritage architecture, but it also has a long history of a different kind.

Motor sport enthusiasts have enjoyed the sound of highly worked race engines screaming towards the red line, exhausts blasting from high-octane combustion engines, tearing up the ground, rally and speedway driving. Yes, Maryborough for decades has had a proud motorsport history. I commend the work of President, Ben Collingwood, and his committee of Tony Downs, Scott Rodgers, Grant Maw, Janine Pay and Dave Deem for bringing forward their vision for the Wide Bay Motor Complex in Maryborough. The complex will enhance Maryborough’s reputation as a motorsport town and will contribute $13 million to the local economy. Big plans for the complex include high-level drag racing and rally events, an international competitive standard drag strip, club car circuit, and automotive trade, mechanical and retail businesses.

I was pleased to support the club’s inaugural fundraising event, for their first ever rally sprint. I was impressed by the high level of professionalism and focus on safety by Kelli Hurford. Thanks to everyone who organised the event. It is hoped the motorsport complex will also contribute towards driver training education, which is very important for local young people like my daughter, Yve, who turned 16 today and has already got her learner’s permit. Happy birthday, Yve!

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