Statement on Gympie Branch Older Women’s Network – Federation Chamber

March 20, 2017


Statement on Gympie Branch Older Women’s Network – Federation Chamber

It was a great pleasure to meet with members of the Older Women’s Network Gympie branch to celebrate the achievements of women as part of International Women’s Day during Queensland Women’s Week.

The branch has been active for nearly 21 years, highlighting the contributions of older women and championing the needs for greater care of and respect for women in their senior years. The Older Women’s Network aims to address issues of discrimination against older women, improve access to education opportunities, improve income security for older women, improve quality of life and access to health care and increase participation in decision making affecting older women.

It was a pleasure to meet with the members, each of whom provide very special service to the branch and within the community. Some of these people included the coordinator Lee Hodgson, secretary Helen Steele, treasurer Barbara Doherty, assistant treasurer Bev Comerford, assistant secretary and assistant newsletter editor Kaye Gaynes, newsletter editor and photographer Lyn Day, trip coordinator Raylee Brennan, birthday coordinator Lesley McDevitt, outreach carers June Idle, Cathy Elliott and Lesley McDevitt, morning tea coordinator Coralie Millard and door reception lady Marcia Millard.

The Gympie branch recently launched a special photographic collection highlighting the contributions of women in the local community. The photographs showcase their achievements and are a credit to everyone involved in the project.

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