Statement on New Export Opportunities With China – House of Representatives

The Coalition Government is securing new markets for farmers. Australian farmers export around two-thirds of their produce, and the coalition government is promoting better relationships with our trading partners to secure even more opportunities for domestic producers.

I welcome the Joint Statement on Enhancing Inspection and Quarantine Cooperation between Australia and China signed by the Deputy Prime Minister last week. It is estimated to boost Australia’s meat exports by around $400 million per year, creating more jobs in regional Australia.

The agreement expands the chilled meat trade and fast-tracks a listing of 15 establishments eligible for exporting meat to China. Meat processing is a major employer in Wide Bay, and it is hoped this agreement will benefit the Wide Bay economy. This builds upon the $10 billion of agricultural trade Australia does with China, including $867 million of beef, $230 million of sheep meat and $221 million of live export. This new deal will help to boost farmgate returns for producers.

Everyone knows Labor and The Greens hate agriculture. They were disastrous in government. They killed the Indonesian export trade. Agriculture’s share of GDP went backwards under Labor in their last quarter, whereas agriculture’s contribution to GDP grew by 23.7 per cent in the most recent quarter. Labor killed agriculture; the coalition is committed to its prosperity.