New food labels make it easy to show Aussie pride

February 21, 2018


New food labels make it easy to show Aussie pride

  • Mandatory Country of Origin food labelling standards to come into effect on July 1, 2018 
  • Labelling system shows percentage of Australian-produced content in food
  • An online tool and support services to assist business with the transition 


Wide Bay shoppers will soon find it easier to buy Aussie food with new Country of Origin Labelling standards set to become compulsory.
Federal Member for Wide Bay Llew O’Brien said the new labelling system made it easy to identify clean, green Australian produce and support local farmers.
“People want to make informed choices about the food they buy, and have been telling the Government loud and clear that they want to support Australian farmers – all we’ve got to do is give them the information,” Mr O’Brien said.
“The new Country of Origin Labelling changes mean people can have confidence in their choices at the supermarket, as they will know exactly where their food is coming from and that they are supporting fellow Aussies.”
The Country of Origin Labelling system has been voluntary since it was introduced in mid-2016, but from 1 July this year it will become compulsory.
The labelling changes require a bar graph showing how much of the product is Australian.
Mr O’Brien said many companies had already adopted the labels, including SPC, Nestle, Bulla, and Woolworths, and the remainder would follow suit soon as their packaging was redesigned.
 “It can take time to redesign food packaging, and we are supporting business to make the changes, including through an online tool,” he said.
More information for businesses, including an online tool, can be found at or by calling the contact centre on 13 28 46.
Fast Facts

  • Most Australian foods will need to include a bar chart and statement indicating the minimum percentage of Australian content.
  • These foods will also carry the ‘Australian made’ kangaroo logo if it has been made, produced or grown here.
  • All food labels will need to continue to include a statement about where the food has been made, grown or produced

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