30 August 2018

Minister hears from Wide Bay dairy farmers
Minister for Agriculture David Littleproud heard from South East Queensland’s dairy producers today on his visit to the region.

Minister Littleproud and Member for Wide Bay Llew O’Brien sat down with producers at a roundtable in Gympie to listen to concerns and consider a way forward.

“Farmers across my electorate contribute so much to South East Queensland and it’s great to have Minister Littleproud on the ground to hear from them,” Mr O’Brien said.
“I know recent announcements of support for drought-affected farmers and those in hardship have been welcomed but other issues such as dollar milk are devastating dairy farmers’ livelihoods.
“The consistent message I am getting from dairy farmers has been that driving down the milk price has hurt their business.”
Minister Littleproud said it was important to him he sit down with dairy farmers and hear about the challenges they face.
“My heart breaks when I hear stories of honest farmers slaving their guts out for little reward,” Minister Littleproud said.
“Our farmers must feel valued for the fresh food they provide to all Aussies, day in, day out.
“I call on the dairy industry as a whole to come together on this one and decide on whether it would like a mandatory code of conduct.
“If industry can come to an agreement, I’ll fight tooth and nail to deliver what they need.”