May 9, 2024

Federal Member for Wide Bay Llew O’Brien is standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Australian farmers to fight Labor’s fresh food tax, which will hurt families and farmers amid a cost-of-living crisis.

A new petition, Stop the Fresh Food Tax,, is being launched by the Coalition.

“I am encouraging local farmers and families who are already feeling the cost-of-living squeeze to get behind the campaign and sign the petition to stop Labor’s new fresh food tax,” Mr O’Brien said.

“The Coalition proudly stands with the National Farmers’ Federation and supports our farmers.”

“We urge families and farmers in Wide Bay to join us in this fight and to sign the petition to stop Labor’s fresh food tax. This new tax will hurt almost all Australians because farmers will be forced to pass on costs, meaning families will feel more pain at the grocery checkout.”

“Labor has continued to ignore our pleas to stop this senseless new tax. We still don’t know how the tax will be collected or managed. But we do know the tax will go towards consolidated revenue, hurting the almost 59,000 people employed in the agricultural industry in the electorate of Wide Bay,” Mr O’Brien said.

“Sadly, time is now running out to scrap Labor’s fresh food tax, which is due to be implemented on July 1, forcing farmers to pay for the biosecurity risks of their international importers. The new tax makes absolutely no sense, and it will hurt families and farmers who are already under pressure. In what parallel universe would a government charge its own farmers to pay for the risks their competitors are creating?”

“It is clear that the greatest threat to Australian agriculture is the Australian Labor Party,” Mr O’Brien said.

A Senate inquiry into the levy is expected to hand down its report on Friday, ahead of an upcoming crucial Senate vote, with 84 agricultural commodities set to be taxed to raise $150 million.

Mr O’Brien added that Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Agriculture Minister Murray Watt have shown their complete contempt for the agricultural industry by appearing at Beef2024, despite preparing to launch a new fresh food tax on families and farmers.


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