Stay safe on the roads and have a happy Easter

April 12, 2017


Stay safe on the roads and have a happy Easter

Member for Wide Bay Llew O’Brien is urging people to plan ahead for safety while travelling on the roads this Easter.

“The Easter period is traditionally one of the busiest times on our roads, as people take advantage of the long weekend to catch up with loved ones, or go on a short holiday,” Mr O’Brien said.

“With the additional traffic, it means Easter can be a particularly dangerous time for motorists, so drivers need to pay attention to road conditions and plan ahead to make sure they arrive safely.”

Mr O’Brien said by planning your journey, you could prevent some of the common safety pitfalls such as fatigue and impatience.

“Think about what driving conditions will be like, and plan your route with plenty of rest breaks,” he said.

Mr O’Brien offered the following safety tips:

  • Make sure your vehicle is well-maintained before you set off – check the tyres, oil and coolant.
  • Road conditions can change quickly with the weather and traffic, so check forecasts before you leave home. Be aware of other drivers on the road.
  • Avoid alcohol before setting out. If you drink too much the night before your trip, you may still be over the limit in the morning, creating a danger to yourself and other drivers. Even if you think you know your limits, it is better to play it safe when alcohol is involved.
  • Taking a 15 minutes break every two hours on longer journeys will help you remain alert to traffic and road conditions.
  • Speed and lack of concentration are some of the biggest killers on our roads. Know the speed limit, and stick to it. Adjust your speed to suit conditions, and avoid distractions like mobile phones.

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