Statement on Aged Care – House of Representatives

February 27, 2017


Statement on Aged Care – House of Representatives

I rise to support the Coalition Government’s initiative, Increasing Choice in Home Care, which gives elderly people the freedom to choose their home care provider.

As people age, many choose to remain in the comfort, security and familiar surrounds of their own home for as long as possible.

My electorate has an ageing demographic, more so than most other electorates, so the Coalition’s move to ensure aged care services are tailored to help people stay in their homes for longer is very welcome.

Now, for the first time, older Australians will be able to select the service provider of their choice, as the funding for aged care packages will be attached to the consumer instead of the provider.

A clear benefit of the Coalition’s reforms is portability – enabling people to switch between providers if their needs are not being met;

Or, if they move to a different locality, they can do so and select a new home care provider.

More than 100,000 older Australians are expected to be assisted by the new approach.

Older Australians built our nation. 

They defended our country.  They taught us, nursed us, and cared for us; so it is right that the Coalition Government delivers the funding and policy framework to ensure their needs are met.

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