New laws to help protect our farmers

May 1, 2019


New laws to help protect our farmers

A re-elected Liberal and Nationals government will introduce new legislation to make it an offence to use a carriage service, such as the internet, to disclose personal information to incite trespass on agricultural land where that could cause commercial detriment.

Federal Member for Wide Bay Llew O’Brien today welcomed the announcement by the Prime Minister, saying farmers in Wide Bay needed protection from extreme activists who are targeting their homes, businesses and families.

“Wide Bay is a vital part of Australia’s food bowl, and our farmers should not be subjected to the illegal invasion of their property and their privacy,” Mr O’Brien said.

“The use of personal information like names and addresses to incite people to break the law is just not on and there must be consequences for this extreme behaviour.

“We need to take strong measures to protect our farmers and agriculture industry, and ensure these activists feel the full force of the law.”
“As a society we don’t tolerate people’s homes being invaded, and we shouldn’t tolerate family farms and agricultural enterprises from being unlawfully invaded either.”

If re-elected, the Morrison government will pass laws which will ensure that what Aussie Farms is doing is illegal and punishable by up to 12 months’ imprisonment.
The Government will ensure these new offences have appropriate exemptions such as those for bona-fide journalists and whistleblowers.

“Australia relies on our farmers every day. Our farm and agriculture sector is a $60 billion industry, it employs thousands of Australians in rural and regional areas like Wide Bay, and we can’t afford to put this at risk because of the actions of these extremists,” Mr O’Brien said.

“I know that the overwhelming majority of farmers and primary producers do the right thing and care for their animals humanely, and they shouldn’t face this type of law-breaking and deliberate targeting.

“This demonstrates that the Liberal National Government is prepared to stand up and protect our farmers and agriculture industry, and ensure that extreme activists are called to account for their actions.”



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