March 21, 2024

Federal Member for Wide Bay Llew O’Brien said it was clear that Queensland needed a change of State Government if we want to see real action on the four lane Tiaro bypass.

“That the State Labor Government now needs to review a Federal review, which supposedly left the funding intact for the four lane Tiaro bypass, reads like a bad script from Yes Minister.

“This project has been plagued by obfuscation, roadblocks and delaying tactics from the State Labor Government ever since we secured the funding from the former Liberal and Nationals Coalition Government in 2021 to make the Tiaro bypass four lanes.

“I warned at the last Federal election that the greatest risk to the project was the election of a Federal Labor Government. 

“After Federal Infrastructure and Transport Minister Catherine King threw the four lane Tiaro bypass into doubt by subjecting it to a 90 day review in May 2023, in November 2023, after some 200 days of being under a cloud, the funding for the project remained committed.

“Now, four months after the Federal review was completed, and three months after the State Member for Maryborough Bruce Saunders was told by Minister Catherine King on 18 December 2023 that the Queensland Government could manage delivery of the project according to its priorities, we find that the Tiaro bypass is being subject to a State review – on the Federal review – that left the funding in place.

“In 2021, almost three years ago, the former Federal Liberal and Nationals Government made it clear to the Queensland Government that Federal funding was ready to go – but the State Labor Government has dragged its heels every time we have tried to step forward with this project.

“If there is now any question whether the scope of the project matches the available funding, that squarely rests on the State and Federal Labor Governments for failing to give the four lane Tiaro bypass the priority it always deserved and the community expects,” Mr O’Brien said.

“Tiaro is the four lane bypass that the State Labor Government never wanted and said wasn’t needed.

“With 11,000 vehicle movements on the section of highway between Maryborough and Gympie, the four lane Tiaro bypass – and the whole section between Gympie and Maryborough – would have already been completed if it was in New South Wales or Victoria.  But the State Labor Government has steadfastly refused to prioritise or fast track the project.

“Tragically, since 2023 seven lives have been lost on this section of the Bruce Highway and there have been more than 20 serious crashes. It’s abundantly clear we need real action on this section now to prevent crashes and save lives.

“We need the four lane Tiaro bypass done, and State and Federal Governments must get cracking on plans for four laning the whole section between Curra and Maryborough.

“Wide Bay deserves nothing less.”


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