August 25, 2022

The Mary River Catchment Coordinating Committee has been awarded $5000 under the latest round of Volunteer Grants funding, Federal Member for Wide Bay Llew O’Brien has announced today. 

Mr O’Brien said the funds would provide some reimbursement to unpaid community delegates who regularly travel for meetings. 

Mary River Catchment Coordinating Committee Administrator Debbie Seal said honorary delegates could travel between 10,000 and 20,000km each year, often paying expenses out of their pocket. 

“With this $5000, and the increasing fuel costs, we hope that we can give them something more meaningful,” Ms Seal said. 

“It helps us recognise the value of what the honorary delegates bring to this organisation. We could not function without them. They bring knowledge and expertise. They are our eyes and ears in the catchment.

“They come from far and wide to assist, so this is a good incentive to recognise their contribution.”

Mr O’Brien said the soaring cost of petrol had impacted volunteers who pay for their community work

“The Mary River Catchment Coordinating Committee has many dedicated honorary members who give up their own time to provide advice to best manage the Mary River Catchment,” Mr O’Brien said. 

“Providing some assistance to cover the costs of fuel, I hope, will help delegates who serve on the Committee to continue to attend meetings and monitor sites around one of the most diverse river catchments in Australia,” Mr O’Brien said.



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