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Llew Obrien2
coat of arms


Federal Member for Wide Bay

Working for Wide Bay



Statement on Gympie Branch Older Women's Network - Federation Chamber

It was a great pleasure to meet with members of the Older Women's Network Gympie branch to celebrate the achievements of women as part of International Women's Day during Queensland Women's Week.

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Statement on Wide Bay Motor Complex - Federation Chamber

The great city of Maryborough in Wide Bay is known for its serene environment and heritage architecture, but it also has a long history of a different kind.

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Statement on Road Safety - Federation Chamber

I rise today to speak about the national road toll and the recent disturbing increase in the number of fatalities, particularly in the calendar year 2016.

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Statement on Aged Care - House of Representatives

I rise to support the Coalition Government’s initiative, Increasing Choice in Home Care, which gives elderly people the freedom to choose their home care provider.

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Statement on Decentralisation - House of Representatives

The National Party is the party of infrastructure and decentralisation.  We’re serious about creating new economic opportunities in regional communities by building infrastructure that enables them to grow and prosper.  We are also serious about examining the economic and social benefits of decentralising government jobs and services - and relocating them from capital cities to the regions.

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Statement on Wide Bay Burnett Jobs Package - Federation Chamber

The Wide Bay region has long struggled with high unemployment.  It is a battle that I have faced myself. I remember in my late teens and early 20s going door to door, desperate to get any job I could find to support my young family, so I understand the power of employment and the dignity that employment brings. Many people also find themselves in the same situation today, particularly young people who are sometimes forced to leave their homes and families in Wide Bay just so they can find a job.

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